Non-academic writing

Hiring Research Assistants

Hiring two Research Assistants based in South Africa who can access data servers in Pretoria. Application details included inside.

Addendum to "Fix SACU"

In the Business Day, I argued that receipts from the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) to non-South Africa SACU member states are too volatile. I suggested that that volatility is both undesirable and reparable. Further, I contended that the frictions of cross border good transportation, attendant to SACU’s 2002 revenue sharing agreement, are welfare reducing and addressable.

ZAR sovereign debt and corporate liabilities, technical supplement

In the financial mail I argued evidence from swap markets suggests currency mismatches between revenues and liabilities in South Africa's corporate sector are responsible for some of RSA's sovereign debt woes. Replicating Du & Schreger (2016) I examine the local currency spread South Africa pays for sovereign borrowing and share a perspective on what the evidence implies.

Airlines - Bankruptcy, Bailouts, and Moral Hazard

A case against subsidizing airline equity holders, written with Muttable Matter.

Global demand calibrations for HIV pharmaceuticals

A policy brief on the importance for policy of theoretical research on the global demand curve for antiretrovival therapies for HIV. Written with Michael Kremer and Chris Snyder.